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Ghana former Goalkeeper Robert Mensah’s Son Kofi Anto Commits Suicide [Check Why]

Kofi Antoh, the son of legendary Ghana goalkeeper, Robert Mensah has died after committing suicide at his residence, according to his family.

Antoh who recently generated a lot of news with regards to his late father’s famous cup is no more with us as he has taken his own life.

Growing up as children there was this popular song we all sang which vividly described the events leading to the unfortunate demise of undoubtedly Ghana’s greatest ever goalkeeper Robert Mensah.

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The song which was sang in Twi gave picturesque events leading to the death of Robert Mensah and the aftermath which resulted in her then pregnant wife giving birth prematurely to Robert Mensah Jnr. aka Kofi Anto[ means did not come to meet his father or parents].

In an interview with Blakk Rasta, Antoh recounted that he will never sell off the cap which was left behind for him by his father which is the only legacy of his father.

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Antoh was born on the day his father died. Mensah was stabbed to death in 1971.

After 51-years his son will get to meet the dad in the ancestral world after committing suicide, according to reports.

Part of a report on Antoh’s death filed by Blakk Rasta reads: “The family said three days ago, Kofi Anto seemed uneasy and asked his son who was playing around him to go out and play and not make so much noise around him. It was this opportunity he took to hang himself.”

It has been said that the family of Robert Mensah will announce plans for his funeral in the coming days. Kofi Antoh left behind a baby boy.

Robert Mensah is easily remembered for his unique dressing during games. He wore a cap vertically every match he played. Oppositions found it difficult to get past him when he is in full his amour.

Robert Mensah Jnr aka Kofi Antoh never met his father as he was callously stabbed to death following a brawl in a Tema night club before he was born.

When Goalkeeper Robert Mensah was stabbed to death, his wife was six months pregnant and upon hearing the news, she went into forced labour.

Kofi Anto who is disabled said in the interview with Black Rasta that he would not even give up the cup for the chance to walk again.

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