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Just Inn: Drama As Popular Married Gov’t Official Caught Pant-down Intern in Office by His Wife.

A senior government official has become the subject of gossip at his workplace after falling madly in love with a recently recruited intern.

The man who heads a crucial government corporation has nothing to hide and is deliberately making efforts to show everyone that the lady is his.

Sources privy to this story have intimated that this stylish and dollish lady has been giving men sleepless nights ever since she joined that agency. Many married and single men have been hunting her left-right and centre.

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To keep off the many suitors and cement his authority, the boss decided to wear matching clothes with that lady on select days so that everybody can see that she is his.

As if that is not enough, most evenings after work, they leave the workplace together to unknown destinations.

Prior to this intern joining this parastatal, the church-going boss used to be a role model to others. In several meetings at work, he would preach family values and encourage his staff to take good care of their families.

How he fell to his knees and abandoned the same values he used to preach is a topic for another day.

This move angered some of the employees, and the man’s wife was notified. She stormed her husband’s office and caused a scene.

“Imagine he told her face-off that he has married the intern as second wife and his wife was free to leave incase she was not comfortable, the wife told him that over her dead body and it was just a matter of time before he fell out with his mistress,” the source said.

True to her threats, the boss has since fallen out with the curvy intern and has even transferred her to another department.

It was later established that the wife sought the intervention of native doctor Mwikali Kilonzo, a relationship expert who has saved thousands of marriages using JuJu.

The boss has since gone back to his family.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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