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Its a criminal offense- Ghanaians on Adwoa Sarfo

Ghanaians still see Adwoa Safo as an imposter and they are charging her with a criminal offense.

The reason why Ghanaians are charging Adwoa Safo with a criminal offense is that one of them stated in the comment section, An imposter can not decide our budget for us that is why we are on her.

So, therefore, the imposter should be arrested, and Adwoa Safo have to resign as the member of parliament (MP).

Check the comments below:

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Some of the Ghanaians are calling for the arrest of Adwoa Safo whiles others are slamming both the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party.

Check out the comments below:

What are making Ghanaians suspects Adwoa Safo as an imposter is because of the photos that have been going viral.

Check the photos below:

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