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Gov’t only owns 34.2% shares in Goil. Check who owns the rest

Ghana Oil which is popularly known as GOIL is a marketing company, with industrial and commercial operations in petroleum products and lubricants in Ghana.

It is popularly known to be a government owned company but the government of Ghana only owns 34.2% of the total shares. Let us find out the names of agencies that own the rest of the shares

#1. Social Security and National Insurance Trust(SSNIT)

SSNIT owns 25% of Ghana Oil. It happens to be the second agency with most shares aside the government of Ghana.

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#2. Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Ltd.

This big company also owns 20% of the total shares in GOIL.

#3. Patrick Kingsley-Nyinah

Kingsley-Nyinah is the single largest individual shareholder in the state-owned oil company. The Ghanaian businessman was previously a board member of the Ghana Stock Exchange’s Agricultural Development Bank of Ghana. He happens to have 4.39% of the company.

#4. Enterprise Life Association Co.

This big company also has 1.03% of the total shares in Goil.

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#5. Databank Asset Management Services ltd.

Databank also has 0.77% shares in the company of Goil.

#6. Hopefield Capital ltd.

Hopefield has a total of 0.70% shares in the Goil company.

#7. Enterprise Tier 3 Provident Fund Scheme

This enterprise has just 0.40% shares in Goil.

#8. Cedar Provident Fund

Our the profit made by Goil, Cedar will be given a share of 0.21%. It has 0.21% in the Goil.

#9. Victor Djangmah

Victor seems to have the least share in Goil company. He seems to have 0.19% shares in the oil business.

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