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E-Levy: Kumasi traders hits back at anti E-Levy demonstrators

GhCi is indeed an interesting country. In every situation and circumstance, there is a reason to smile or better still laugh out loud.

Ghanaians recently hit the streets of Accra in protest against the introduction of electronic transaction tax currently before parliament. The new controversial tax is to be charged at a rate of 1. 75% on every electronic transaction when approved.

Many Ghanaians have registered their displeasure over the proposed tax as they believe it will collapse many micro and small business.

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But some market women in Kumasi have thrown their weights behind the tax. In an interview with Citi News Room (CNR), the women registered their disappointment in those fighting against the E Levy.

They said, they will pay and pay and pay as long as Nana Addo is the president. They added that the president is doing so much for Ghana and it was time Ghanaians contributed to that development.

The market women described the protesters as hypocrites and ungrateful beings who are only trying to sabotage the government. They were hopeful all the sabotage will fail.

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” We will pay. The E Levy is a good thing so we will pay and pay again. Nobody can say he will not pay. We will all pay to support Nana to develop this country for all of us. Those fighting against him will fail.
We love you Nana. Continue to do what you are doing. We support you” , leader of the women stated.

The video has since been trending on social media with many making mockery of the women. Most of the people who watched the video believe the women knew not what they were talking about. Others think they were blinded by their NPP colours.

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Several researches have gone into the E Levy. All of them concluded that majority of Ghanaians are against the introduction of the new tax regime.

Watch the video in the link below. Remember to leave a comment below.


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