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Diabetes: The herb that slashes blood sugar levels by 29% and kills cravings in ‘seconds’

Diabetes: The herb that slashes blood sugar levels by 29% and kills cravings in ‘seconds’

DIABETES is infamous because it can pave the way to severe ill-health without presenting obvious warning signs. The main dangers of the condition lie in blood sugar deregulation, which damages the body. Fortunately, some food items can slash blood glucose and ward off the disease altogether.

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Diabetes can be broken down into different forms, but it is the second type that afflicts 90 percent of diabetics. The toll of the disease is rising faster than forecasters had anticipated, with exponential growth expected in coming years. Because it is inextricably linked to obesity, maintaining a healthy weight is deemed the most effective preventive measure. One edible plant, however, may also help by significantly lowering blood sugar levels after intake.


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Diabetes occurs when the body becomes desensitised to insulin, or production of the hormone ceases.

In either case, the overarching characteristic of the condition is high blood sugar levels.

Commonly used treatments for diabetes can generally be split into three categories – carbohydrates absorption inhibitors, insulin sensitisers and hypoglycaemic agents.

The primary objective of diabetes treatment is to maintain blood sugar levels within a safe range, and some natural ingredients are able to deliver these effects.

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Gymnema Sylvestre
Diabetes treatment may include Gymnema Sylvestre (Image: Getty )
Gymnema Sylvestre, for example, is an insulin sensitiser that has been studied in patients with diabetes.

The plant is a woody shrub that is native to India, and has been used in the nation’s medicinal practises for thousands of years.

The remedy is traditionally used to treat malaria and snakebites, but it has recently been recognised for its anti-diabetic qualities.

Studies show Gymnema lowers the amount of sugar that gets absorbed into the intestines, which helps improve blood glucose levels

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