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Bibiani Gold Mines Shooting: PM, Chief Visits Victims

Update on Bibiani shoting

Hon Kwame Asamoah, Presiding Member for Bibiani Anhwiaso Bekwai municipal Assembly, has visited the the victims , Azizu Karim 23, shot in between the tigh and his scrotum, Sully Mohammed 21, shot at his leg and Ibrahim Abubakar 40, beaten severely.

Hon Kwame Asamoah also engaged the Youth and chiefs of Bibiani Zongo and Old Town, urged them to exercise restraint and use the law and fight for their right than resorting to violence.

He further called on the President and the national security minister to intervene because the mine has violated the mining laws.

The chief of Bibiani Old Town, Nana Kwao Andoh sounded so much disappointed in the leadership of the mine.

According to him they wouldn’t have agreed for an indigenous company to come and mine in Bibiani if they knew the Ashanti Gold Corporation would be so cruel to their own Ghanaian people.

Nana Kwao Andoh urged the Youth to be calm for they will do everything within their might to ensure the right thing is done.

Awuku Addo, Western North.

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