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Assin North: Punish Gyakyie Quayson For Lying To You, CPP national youth organizer Tells Constituents

The National Youth Organizer for the Convention Peoples Party is urging the electorates of the Assin North in the Central Region to massively vote against the embattled former member of Parliament in the upcoming by elections.

According to the National Youth Organizer of Osagyefo’s Party Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah, Mr Gyakyie Quayson has brought nothing but shame to the name and people of Assin North.

Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah said even though the CPP is not taking part in the bye-elections due to preparations by the party in July next month, he thinks any person but Mr Gyakyie Quayson can represent the people of Assin North better.

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Quoting article 94 clause 2 (a) of the 1992 Constitution, Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah says Mr Gyakyie Quayson knew from the onset that he did not qualify to represent the people of Assin North since he was also a Canadian citizen.

He thinks Mr Gyakyie Quayson lied to the National Democratic Congress as a Party and the People of Assin North and expressed surprise why the NDC is still adamant in putting Mr Gyakyie Quayson as the parliamentary candidate.

Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah believes that both the NDC as a party and Mr Gyakyie Quayson do not respect the people of Assin North, since instead of apologizing to them, for the unfortunate situation that has brought the name of Assin North into ridicule, they have decide to put up the same people who caused the same mishap.

He is therefore calling on the people of Assin North to severely punish both the NDC and Mr Gyakyie Quayson for not apologizing to them and for imposing the same person on them.

He also continue by asking either the action of the NDC means that they lack the men in the Assin North Constituency.

He says this is a clarion call on all political parties who abandons loyal and hardworking footsoldiers and rallies behind what he calls “Journey just come” who comes with a few foreign currencies after staying outside the country for a long time.

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