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A/R: Ejisu, Assembly Members Petitions To Affirm Confidence In MCE.


Your Excellency, The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo, we bring you warm greetings from the Ejisu Constituency.

Mr President, we begin by expressing our profound gratitude to you for nominating Mr Samuel Oduro Frimpong to lead Ejisu Municipality and our subsequent confirmation of same unanimously.

Recent developments in the municipality have compelled us to write to your high office to affirm our confidence in the Municipal Chief Executive.

On 16th March 2022, a group of New Patriotic Party faithful affiliated to the Member of Parliament, Hon John Ampontuah Kumah, called Young Patriots took to the streets of EJISU to demonstrate the removal of the Municipal Chief Executive.

Their action did not only come as a surprise to the ordinary man on the street of EJISU but a shock to many because of the good works of the Municipal Chief Executive and the NPP government since his assumption of office.

The group, in their attempt to cause disaffection for the MCE, intimated among others that;

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1. The MCE is sabotaging the MP and he has refused to do the bidding of the member of Parliament of Ejisu.

2. The MCE has refused to recognize and endorse the recently elected polling station executives as duly elected.

3. The MCE shouldn’t have received a copy of the petition from the disgruntled party members who were denied the opportunity to become Polling Station Executives.

Mr President, as representatives of the local people, we conducted our independent investigation into the matter and wish to lay bare the facts before you.

First, we found out that the demonstration and call for the removal of the MCE is a result of a petition the Municipal Chief Executive received from another group of disgruntled party members who feel the Polling Station Election Committee did not do a good job in the constituency.

This group claim they woke to the early morning of February 26, 2022, only to see the Young Patriots jubilating on the streets that they have been elected Polling Station Executives.

Pictures and videos later revealed that the chairman of the committee and some other sympathisers of the Member of Parliament went round some selected towns to conduct elections from the evening of Friday 25th February to the early morning of Saturday 26th February 2022. They believe elections should not be conducted from dusk to dawn.

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The over 3000 people who bought forms and were denied the opportunity to be voted on democratically presented a petition to the Municipal Chief Executive of Ejisu on 28th February 2022 and another Petition on 6th March 2022.

As a father for all, the Municipal Chief Executive only received their petition and advised them to use the party structures to address their concerns.

It is therefore very surprising that the supporters of the Member of Parliament see this action from the MCE as a sabotage to the works of the Member of Parliament.

Your Excellency, another allegation levelled against the Municipal Chief Executive is that he is supporting his brother, Mr Kwame Agyeman Budu, who is the Managing Director of Electricity Company of Ghana to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament. We see this allegation as frivolous and one that carries little weight.

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The time for parliamentary primaries are not yet due and further checks by the assembly have revealed that Mr Agyeman Budu has not declared his intention on any platform to contest Ejisu’s Parliamentary position.

It seems the benevolence and kind gestures of Mr Kwame Agyemang Budu towards the assembly and party faithful make the sitting MP uncomfortable. This is one of the reasons why members of MP’s fun club are calling for the head of the MCE.

Mr President, we, the members of the Ejisu Municipal Assembly, are interested in the work of the Municipal Chief Executive assigned to him by the constitution and the assembly bye-laws. We will urge you and the sector minister to only assess him by the works assigned to him and not what a group of people want him to do based on their parochial interest.

We list below some interventions by the Municipal Chief Executive in his six months of office worthy to note:

• He has introduced a cashless electronic system for collecting revenue. This has increased the revenue of the municipality.

• He has instituted the monthly sanitation exercise in the municipality. This has improved the sanitary conditions in our major markets and streets.

• He has been able to move the market women from the main roadside. This has drastically reduced the traffic in the city and possible road traffic accidents.

. He has continued and completed some projects started by his predecessor. He recently commissioned an ultra-modern 3 unit KG block in the kokobra electoral area.

. Sod has been cut for the construction of a 6unit classroom block ( to be completed in 6months ) for the good people of Achinakrom.

. Evacuation of Bonwire and Ekyem refuse dump. Bonwire refuses dump pave way for the commissioning of Bonwire Court.

Through the help of The Minister for Energy and the Managing Director of ECG,he recently distributed over 800 modern led street lights to help light our streets and neighbourhoods. Every Assembly member had 20 led street light and all government institutions were given 10 Street lights.

Gating and pavement of the Ejisu central market among other projects have been earmarked for completion before the end of the year.

We have an MCE who is committed to helping develop Ejisu and its environs.

Mr President, we will end by appealing to you to empower our hardworking Municipal Chief Executive with adequate resources to be able to improve and add to what he has started. Your total support to this hardworking young man will only bring development to Ejisu and that will be rewarded by the people of Ejisu in the next election.
God bless our homeland Ghana.
God bless you, Mr President.
Thank you.


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