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2024 Elections: NPP Still Needs AdwenkΙ›seΙ› Uncle JB To Break De 8yr Jinx

The equation of the line that best fits 2024 Triumph can never take out Adwenk3se3’s variable from it.

A product whose brand is attractive, unique, impressive, and imperative becomes easily marketable.

“Adwenk3se3” is an instrument that all one-touch triumphs of the New Patriotic Party evolved around him.

The party is trying to do what no political party in the 4th republic has done previously. It takes just people who look for the party into resistance to guarantee that the occupant General Secretary “Adwenk3se3” has fizzled due to losses of seats in parliament.

At the point when any political party lost power, the entire national executives are being faulted for power lost and not seats lost or gain. Those discount contentions and modest publicity is damaging the party.

He has the NPP at heart, knows the In and Out of the party, and as well knows every single doctrine about the NPP.

2024 races need individuals who have the specialized expertise and the strategies of the rival and can coordinate and outfox them on any grounds.

The grassroots and the party faithfuls without a doubt work with the electorate to survey out in numbers to cast a ballot. However, what continues through transmission and collation of votes at the strong room before the party wins power is above what we think.
Trust in “Adwenk3se3” to rehash it.

solid brand of higher demand, easily marketed, always available, and does not go scarce.

Uncle JB has been the solid and attractive brand as far as politics and winning power are concerned.

With Result-Oriented general secretary, mobilization and key strategies for the 2024 campaign will just be as simple as the alphabet being recited by Kindergarten students.

Let’s support the brand “ADWENK3SE3” JOHN BOADU the Result-Oriented for the keen protection of our secretarial space.


Rexkin Ohene Boateng, Hello Fm Kumasi

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