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You are not a paramount chief – Oti region NPP exposes Nana Kennewu chederi II

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Oti region has exposed Nana Kennewu Chederi II, chief of the challah traditional area, after his gangantua comments passed as he welcome former president John Mahama in his “Thank You” tour in Nkwanta South of the Oti region.

The latest exposure of the chief comes on his claim that the Electoral Commission manipulated the 2020 elections in favour of president Akuffo Addo and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“Mr Mahama, if you were not to be God-fearing, and had chosen to cling tenaciously to the tenets of power, you would have unexpectedly plunged this dear nation of ours, into an unparalleled state of pandemonium or simply into a state of higgledy-piggledy which would have been too nasty to contemplate when the people’s verdict in the 2020 general election was simply trodden upon and shamefully stolen.”

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“Mr Mahama, bear in mind that during your term of office as the president of Ghana, a couple of years back, as the people’s dear president, Ghana was revered as the icon of democracy and the oasis of peace in Africa. Is it so today?” he said.

In response to expose Nana Kennewu, the Oti regional communications director of the NPP, Saidu Musah and all regional and some constituency party executives stated is infantically that
Nkwanta has three ‘paramountcies’ that are all represented at the Oti Regional House of Chief, which include the Ntrobos, the Adeles and the Akyodes. So, the claim that he is a paramount chief is a palpable falsehood and should be ignored.

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“Nana Kyedre doesn’t also speak for the Oti Regional House Chiefs. As we all know, the regional house of chiefs is made up of only paramount chiefs. And since he is not a paramount chief, he cannot be a member of the regional house of chiefs.

How then can he arrogate to himself the title of spokesperson of the Oti regional house of chiefs, when clearly he is not even a member of the house of chiefs.

He didn’t participate in the maiden conference of the Oti Regional House of chiefs that saw the election of Krachiwura, Nana Mprah Besemuna III as the President of the Oti Regional House of chiefs. This is because he is not a member of the regional house of chief.

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He is therefore an imposter who has no locus, and should accordingly be ignored” he added

According to Musah, the claims by the chief that John Mahama was the winner of the 2020 elections is not only laughable but also most absurd. It can also only be further evidence of his involvement in petty partisan politics, which the 1992 constitution of Ghana frowns upon.

Considering the fact that he is a chief, all be it a divisional chief. “Well, as we said, for those of us who know him, we know he’s always an NDC enthusiast, and in fact, we have evidence to prove that Nana Kyedre was one of the pro-NDC chiefs, who was given a Navara Pick-up with registration number GE-6309-16 in the buildup to the 2016 general elections. The divisional chief is therefore only doing the bidding of his paymasters” But, of course, his agenda has failed ab-initio, because the Ghanaian people know very well, who won the 2020 general elections.

He added that, John Mahama’s humiliating defeat at the 2020 polls is so clear and incontestable. The emphatic verdict of the 2020 elections as announced by the Independent electoral commission of Ghana, and affirmed by the Supreme Court of Ghana, has been hailed by both domestic and international election observers, as free, fair and transparent.

The release and exposure has also captured 58 ongoing and completed projects in the region which includes, constructed Business Resources Center at Kadjebi

2. Constructed 800 capacity boys and girls dormitory at KASEC

3. Constructed six unit classroom block each at Dodi Papase SHS and Ahamansu SHS respectively

4. Constructed 10 CHP zones across the Kadjebi District.

5. Construction of Ultra modern District Assembly Complex Hall.

6. Construction of Kpassa New Market

7. Construction of Kpassa–Mamakura Road

8. Construction of CHIP Compound at Obitie

9. Completion of Kpassa Senior High Technical School Dining and Assembly Hall

10. Construction of Ultra Modern Toilet Facilities at Sibi central, Damanko and Koni No 2 and many more.

We can go on and on and on. The record of President Akufo-Addo is unmatched. Nana Kyedre should open his eyes and come to terms with this reality. Oti has moved on. Ghana has moved on, and so, Nana should move on. Let’s all contribute our quota in supporting our Government to build a Ghana and Oti of prosperity for all.

The NPP in Oti region said, the NDC is campaigning and projecting Mahama as their candidate come 2024.

“We the people in Oti don’t call this as “Tank your” tour you’re telling us your 2024 candidate who will loose again”

Story by : Evans Manasseh +233 24 762 4672

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