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Victimizing The “Victim” Because They Are Public Officers The Opinion Of Osei Kofi Acquah

Madam Cecelia Dapaa the resigned minister is being called names and being chastised because her house helps have stolen from her.

The victim who has been stolen from is being victimized not because her stolen monies were stolen from the public purse but because she is a

Public officer!

This has been the attitude of political communicators and sensational journalist who trivialize and politicize everything.

Hon Victoria Hammah a deputy minister under the NDC government was sacked because as a salary worker, she had set a goal of how much she wanted to save out of her salary after her driver recorded her in a conversation.

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No where in that conversation did she state that she was going to steal or use illegal means to achieve her target, but because she was Public officer, the public court of opinion concluded that she wanted to use illegitimate means to achieve her target.

Politicians when embarking on campaigns keeps large sums of monies which are more than what was stolen from Madam Cecelia Dapaa on them during campaigns during internal party primary campaigns and during the main elections.

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Members of Parliament who surprisingly are pointificating and calling Madam Cecelia Dapaa names share monies during elections.

Now let’s be honest, which salary worker in Ghana haven’t set a target of how much they want to save from their salaries before they retire?

The hipocricy by Politicians including most of the people people criticizing Madam Cecelia Dapaa are all guilty of keeping more than such monies in their homes before elections.

A research by Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) has revealed that it will cost not less than US$100 million to win a presidential election in Ghana.

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The question is does the expenditure of this $100 million dollars pass through banks?

Again a research by the Westminster foundation for Democracy has revealed that On average, parliamentary candidates need to raise GH₵389,803 (approx. US$85,000) to secure a win their party primaries.

These are monies that are dished out to delegates before and during the elections.

Now the question is do these parliamentary candidates sign cheques to the delegates or give them cash?

Now the reality is that every Ghanaian including those are criticizing Madam Cecelia Dapaa keeps some form of emergency CASH in their homes, and depending on their intended expenditure, some of monies that are kept at home maybe be more than what has been stolen from Hon Cecelia Dapaa.

Yes a million dollars and some Euros have been stolen from a Public officer who is madam Cecelia Dapaa, but the question is where from the money?

Is it a legitimate earned money or an embezzled public funds?

Why are we not allowing a proper investigation into the matter by constitutionally mandated institutions but condemning her?

What if the monies stolen are the life savings of Hon Cecelia Dapaa which she has stashed to pay for transactions?

What if she didn’t see the stolen monies earlier because she only realized the stolen monies when the purpose of the money was due?

Why are we not condemning the the house helps who allegedly stole the money but the person who has been stolen from?

It is the presumptuous attitude of some Ghanaians that led to the killing of business men and women during the days of PNDC.

And It is the same unrepentant haste to condemn attitude of some Ghanaians before establishing facts that caused the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama who was “presumed” an armed robber before the facts revealed that he was a military officer on duty.

Democracy which thrives on rule of law demands the establishment of facts and convincing evidence, and since it is the path we have chosen as a country, let’s allow our institutions to work.

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