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Unanswered Question: How did those short Officers get recruited into the Security Service

The concern about height of an individual has been one of the main focuses for disqualifying applicants who applied to be part of the various security services in Ghana.

The phase of the recruitment process which is dubbed body selection and verification of documentation is about to end with a very vast number of applicants disqualified for their height.

This has been the concern of some applicants who were disqualified because they couldn’t meet the height requirements of the service.

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They always see officers in security service uniforms who they see to be shorter than them.

Here is the case they have applied because they saw these short officers and may think because they are taller than them they would meet the height requirements. Only for them to apply to be disqualified for height.

The unanswered question remains, how did all those short officers get recruited into the security service.

If they were based on merit then why are we being disqualified because of our heights. In fact the commander-in-chief himself is short so why do they reject short people.

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Did they get recruited because they had political backing or it was through breaking of protocols. This is the unanswered question that the people of Ghana demands answer for.

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