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UAE Dubai ‘dehumanizes, deports’ Nigerians, other Africans – Report

United Arab Emirates brutalise, jail and deport hundreds of African migrants, Na so researchers from two NGOs don find out and tok.
For one new report, di Euro -Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor and Impact International for Human Rights Policies put in details how dem arrest plenti migrants for June and den subject dem to brutal treatment for prison.

Wetin di report tok?

For inside di reports by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor and Impact International, dem tok say:

On di 24th and 25th June 2021 authorities kidnap, illegally detain and torture over 800 African migrant workers before dem do mass deportation.

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Di report gada witness testimonies from over 20 victims.

Victims estimate at least 800 workers wey dem take in di course of two nights wit an unknown number wey still dey for detention.

“Dem carry us straight go prison, no be even police station,” one Ugandan man, Kennedy Rubangakene tell BBC Focus on Africa TV.

“I dey surprised because I bin no know why I dey there…I get legal documents. Dem bin just renew my contract.

“Dem no charge me wit any offence. Dem no even carry me go court.”

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Authorities for di UAE say di arrests dey legal and na sake of prostitution networks wey dey involved in human trafficking offences, indecent acts, and extortion” dem also add say di pipo wey dem arrest dey involved for dis crimes”.

Wetin happun on di night of di arrest

According to dem, Emirati Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) raid five residential buildings for Abu Dhabi wey dey popular to house African nationals for di early hours of di 24th and 25th June 2021.

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Testimonies report authorities wey dey destroy CCTV and Wi-Fi, before dem break into dia homes, scatter properties taser and arrest pipo without charge.

Dem force pipo from dia homes, some wear only dia underwear, and dem only allow dem to just carry dia passports.

During di raid, authorities shout for dem, abuse dem racially and sexually assault both men and women.

Dem carry di workers, wey be from different parts of Africa to one al-Wathba prison, one prison complex wey dey 44km from Abu Dhabi, and detain dem dia without charge, for cells wey hold up to 60 pipo with just three bathrooms.

Reports bin say dem chain di victims wey include pregnant women for dia hands and feet for two weeks. No access to sanitary or hygiene products and dem no allow dem get any medical attention.

Dem question di victims, beat dem and the authorities physically and psychologically torture dem. Dem also ask di victims questions about dia legal status, profession, and salaries. Dem accuse many of dem of prostitution.

Di researchers tok to more dan 100 of those wey dey affected, mostly from Uganda, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Dem get valid paperwork and dem get jobs for different kain roles like cleaners, waiters, nurses and electricians, di report tok.

“Dem plan di attacks, target us and e dey racially motivated”, Dis na wetin Michela Pugliese from Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor accuse on BBC Focus on Africa programme.

She also tok how opportunity among workers for di UAE dey different according to ethnic origin.

For dia response, di UAE goment say dem “categorically deny di report wey dey suggest racism, tok say dia kontri dey adopt strict laws and practises and dem no dey discriminate in all cases.

Source: www.bbc.com

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