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Type 2 diabetes: The cholesterol-lowering food that slashes blood sugar levels ‘by 50%’.

Type 2 diabetes: The cholesterol-lowering food that slashes blood sugar levels ‘by 50%’.

THE PREVALENCE of diabetes is growing rapidly, and obesity is seen as a massive contributor to this trend. Symptoms generally include feeling thirsty, tired, and needing to pee frequently.

Fortunately, one food could help lower blood sugar levels significantly within a short space of time.

Type 2 diabetes can be a ‘devastating diagnosis’ says expert.

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Diabetes is a group of disorders characterised by blood sugar abnormalities. It occurs when the body is unable to produce insulin – the hormone that takes up blood glucose – or production of the hormone ceases altogether. Managing high glucose levels is critical to protect the body from irreversible nerve damage. Fortunately, one food could help by significantly lowering levels within hours of intake.


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In a study published Environmental Health Insights, researchers observed considerable reductions in blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetic patients.

In type 2 diabetics, the team observed a reduction of 40mg/dl in type 2 diabetic patients, four hours after intake.

These findings were confirmed by another study, presented at The Endocrine Society’s 97th annual meeting San Diego, in which scientists observed a reduction in blood glucose of 50 percent.

Lead investigators Anthony Ojieh, of Delta State University in Abraka, said: “Onion is cheap and available as has been used as a nutritional supplement. It has the potential for use in treating patients with diabetes.”

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