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This Small Community In Ghana Gave Birth To World Heroes

There are many cities in Ghana, and many of these cities have produced many great people. In this story, we bring to you small and almost rejected city in Ghana, that has made great impact in Ghana and the world as a whole.

This little but great Ghanaian city is noted for dances like Kpanlogo, Gome, Kolomashie and the world famous Azonto.

The main occupation of the people of this this city is mainly fishing and fishmonging. Their main dish is Kenkey and fried fish; with fried pepper and black pepper or shito.

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This little fishing community in Accra is gifted with many world boxing champions from ‘Professor Azumah Nelson to Joshua Clottey.

The name of this city is the city of Bukom. The City of Bukom is a small place in the heart of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, and it is associated with the “Ga” people.

Little Bukom, though appeared rejected, has produce world class and notable boxers like ‘Professor’ Azumah Nelson, David Kotei,-known as DK Poison, Bukom Banku, Ike Quartey, Kwame Asante and Joshua Krotey

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The town Bukom is the hub of many cultural activities and has many cultural troupes scattered in the town. The small Ghanaian community of Bukom is also a hive of activities at weekends. Many become involved in Ghanaian traditional drumming and dancing full-time. You can see youth scattered across drinking spots or attending funerals or weddings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

All of these great and world class boxer, have once walked the narrow streets of Bukom and fought their way to the upper echelons of boxing history.

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The stories of the great rise of Bukom from obscurity to repeatedly shock the boxing world, are the source of great inspiration to sportsmen worldwide.

One very important question many people asked is what it is about this little Bukom , that produces such great fighters?

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