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The Analogy Of A Driver’s Mate vrs A Spare Driver, NPP/NDC


The highlight of episode 2, brought to light who a spare driver is and the factors that normally makes one a spare driver.

In this episode, we will turn our attention to a driver’s mate.

A driver’s mate is an apprentice or a learner who practices under the tutelage of the substantive driver. The following are the factors that qualifies one to become a driver’s mate.

1. Eagerness to learn the driving profession.

2. Readiness to take instructions from the driver.

3. Being prepared to be honest and truthful at all times.

4. Being prepared to be obedient at all times.

5. Being prepared to attend errands all the time

6. Being bold and courageous to hold the steering wheel and drive.

A driver’s mate has no right whatsoever to act on his own unless instructed by the driver.

The driver takes the final decision. Drivers most of the time go in for mate’s with the above attributes.

In the next episode we shall look at the behaviors of the two and see the negative sides of the Mate and the Spare Driver.

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