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Reason why you shouldn’t marry a Ghanaian nurse- young Ghanaian shares his story

young Ghanaian shares his story on his relationship with a Ghanaian Nurse.

”So I am a KNUST level 300 student. I dated this girl for 7 good years. I entered school around 2017 and she was also admitted into a nursing training school the following year.

She is all every guy will dream of having as a girlfriend. We’ve shared a lot together so basically it’s really difficult for us to quit this union. Around last year, I saw her flirting with her ex, I complained and she stopped.

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And earlier this year she started behaving weird. That’s when I got to know one of her tutors in school is worrying her and all and I came in talked to her and she promised me she wouldn’t entertain him again. Less I could realize just this semester she had been with this married tutor and they’ve been having an affair.

I called her one Friday night and she tried to lie to me but I caught her and I asked out. Then three days later she called me and tried to apologize and all. That’s when she told me she had been sleeping with the man and all.

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Right now am confused. I really like this girl and this had been troubling me lately. I can’t think straight in class and can’t trust her again. So I ask, what should I do?? I feel very depressed and I think I will never date a nurse again or even marry one because I have heard similar stories and it proves nurses can not be trusted so I will advise that you shouldn’t marry a nurse.

Is he right and what do you think he should do?

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