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Razak Kojo Opoku Writes, Sends This Shocking Message To Former President John Mahama

Razak Kojo Opoku Writes To Former President John Mahama

“Time is ticking for the crisis-ridden Ghanaian economy” is the title of a write-up by former President John Mahama.

Rather Mr Mahama, despite his pedigree, opted to embark on wild speculation in order to paint the Akufo-Addo- Bawumia government black in the eyes of Ghanaians and the international investor communities. Constantly, he did this by saying Ghana’s economy is facing a “serious crisis.”
Even in opposition, Mr. Mahama is being disingenuous to Ghanaians.

Ghana’s economy has never been in tatters as compared to what former President Mahama left behind in 2016.
His economic records were shambolic laced with unprecedented corruption!

Without any doubt, the economy under the Akufo-Addo- Bawumia government is not facing a serious crisis as speculated by the former President. Our current economy could face a couple of challenges but certainly, this is not exceptional to Ghana.
Giant economies across the globe are facing similar or worse situations as result of the global COVID-19 crisis. But the beautiful thing is that efforts are underway to resolve these challenges.

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We will soon start appreciating the real positive results of the pragmatic measures the Akufo-Addo’s government is putting in place today.

With his pedigree as former Vice President and later President, Mr. Mahama should have known that his negative statement could have dire consequences on the country’s current situation. Such unfounded statements could derail the confidence level of the international investors who are intending to put their resources in the country’s economy.

There wouldn’t be much problem if Mr. Mahama is even backing his statement with facts and figures. Absolutely none. “So let me embark on propaganda and win elections with it.”

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Mr Mahama’s wild speculation that Ghana is facing a serious economic crisis depicts his parochial interest to lead this country by hook or crook.

We thought Mahama John could prescribe a fresh and innovative solution this time around in his latest write-up. Rather, he was echoing his counterproductive results from the economic forum at Senchi.

The introduction of E-levy by the government to generate revenue domestically to support specific development projects such as Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation, ICT and Roads Infrastructure does not mean that the Ghanaian economy has collapsed or is in a serious crisis.
Ghanaians need to clearly reject such propaganda from John Mahama and NDC.

Is it not surprising that former President John Mahama, who couldn’t solve ‘Dumsor’ for five years even with the support of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is telling the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia government to go back to the IMF for post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

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Can one imagine Mr. Mahama is telling the government to swallow its pride and consult the IMF for the revival of the economy?

Does that mean that if in an unlikely event former President Mahama comes back again is he going to run back to the arms of IMF for the management of the Ghanaian economy?

Mr. Mahama consulted IMF 24/7 for economic recovery as a result of ‘Dumsor’ and what were the end results? The end result was a freeze of public sector employment, leading to graduates unemployment for four years.

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