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“NPP, NDC Using Lies And Cowardice To Rule Ghana” ~ MP, Nhyiaeso [WATCH VIDEO]

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Nhyiaeso, Dr. Stephen Amoah, has raised a voice against both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) accusing them of ruling Ghana with lies and cowardice.

According to him, these acts by both parties are a major factor in impeding the country’s progress.

In an interview on Kumasi-based Oyerepa FM, Dr. Amoah expressed his concerns about the current state of Ghanaian politics, where he believes that the fear of speaking the truth and passing necessary legislation has led to the country’s deterioration.

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“Today, both in the NPP and the NDC, we are being controlled by cowardice. We are in hard times, but you cannot speak the truth, you cannot pass the right laws to get us out of it. And we keep on getting this country deteriorated and destroying the very fibre of the country, I get scared for the future when I think about these things,” he said.

Dr. Amoah also highlighted a prevailing issue of uninformed opinions, stating that many individuals, despite having no expertise in certain matters, speak and act as though they are experts.

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He criticized some politicians for taking advantage of this phenomenon and spreading lies for political gain.

“As we sit here to have this discussion, everybody has an opinion on everything around them. I have a PHD but honestly, I cannot sit behind the console to operate as you are doing. This suggests that whatever everybody does is important. In our case as Ghanaian this is where we get it wrong, we speak and act as though we are experts but many of us have no clue of what we are talking about.

“Some politicians have taken advantage of that and assumed some authorities and when they are speaking it is as if they know what they are about, but they are just spewing lies. And if you look at the trends you will realise that it was all started by the NDC and the NPP,” he noted.

Furthermore, the MP argued that the political landscape in Ghana has been marked by a cycle of opposition parties using issues to undermine those in power, regardless of the topic.

“This is the case, if the NPP is in power and they act right, the NDC will use the opposite as propaganda to infuriate Ghanaians to vote them out. The vice versa will play out once the NDC gets into office. The corruption we keep fighting, it didn’t start with the media, either party will talk about it just because they want power and that has sought of defined politics for the country, politicians have formed the framework and others are following.

“So, now, you cannot collect tax, you cannot tell someone he or she is wrong. You cannot even build the country because they define the role of citizens and that is the ordinary person. So, we go about gathering the views of ordinary people who perhaps do not understand the mechanisms involved in economic management all in the name of involving everybody,” he added.

source: myghanamedia.com

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