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LilWin Replies Big Akwes, Oteele After Claims “your career will die if he features you”

Comic actor Kwadwo Nkansah, famed as Lil Win, has hit back at his colleagues Big Akwes and Oteele for describing him as a “career destroyer”, an ungrateful and hardfisted personality who’s unwilling to help people around

In the past few days, public discussions have revolved around Lil Win and his relationship with his colleagues after a supposed animosity between him and Ras Nene, aka Dr Likee, became public when they met at an event.

Actors Big Akwes and Oteele recently waded into the conversation and made some staggering allegations against Lil Win, revealing how the latter has allegedly destroyed his relationship with movie producers and some actors in Kumawood.

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In a video, Big Akwes claimed that persons nursing their acting career fail to flourish when they work with Lil Win because he takes all the shine and leave them relegated soon after.

Lil Win shared the video of Big Akwes and Oteele blunting chiding him on his Instagram page as he reacted to the comments.

He wrote: “Ooooo Ghana, everyday lil win. You always mention my name in every statement. There are a lot of celebrities why lil win. Eiiii so if you don’t mention my name you can’t sit lol.

“You guys always want to fight me aaaahhh well, all eyes on me but I did nothing to them. One God, One love. In this world we are just Two, American lil Wayne ?? and Ghana lil win. My star keeps shinning. We keep moving forward”

The Kumawood industry is awash with so many ills.

Most Ghanaian cinephiles did not know all these until recently when stars from the Twi-speaking sector of the movie industry starting spilling their own secrets.

From voodooism (juju) to backstabbing, the Kumawood stars have themselves unravelled the reasons behind why the once vibrant movie industry has sunk beyond rescue.

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