Every institution in this country be it private or public institution will always work towards progress,
Will always work towards development,
Will always wish it members enjoy to the fullest etc.

Kofi Agyei Senior High School was established in 1991 and It has produced a lot of SHS graduates into the system.
For what I know is that every institution will always work to progress.
But the situation of Kofi Agyei Senior High School is totally different.
Why should a school which has been one of the best schools in the Kwabre East District now descend drastically to the backyard.

A school that had a good image is now degrading and defaming day in day out.
A school that had the largest population in 2008 in the District and second in Ashanti is now loosing it focus.
Our motto is pray and work but it looks as if the students pray and sleep,
We are not living up to expectations recently.
2007 we had a headmaster by name Mr. Nyame Kwarteng who directed the school to the success path.

Unfortunately he died a mysterious death which till now the wounds have not been able to recover in . In 2012 the school had a headmistress by name Mrs. Elisabeth Cobbold who took charge and since she came, the school has not been able to redeem it image anymore.
The school has not been able to increase its enrolment nor maintain the number it had preciously.
The school is degrading every blessed day.
For her age, the least I talk about it the better.

The woman is weak, I don’t know if heads have a special age for retirement.
Her management is now at the balcony. She runs the school like she is running her own private school. Information l gathered indicates that for more than three years she run the school without a board and only form one when a team of external auditors came to the school to question her. Even with this board l in person will describe it as dancing board who only takes what she says because she has them in her purse.

Her management style is least to talk about . If you are teacher and you try to do the right thing or want something better to be done and you have a little misunderstanding with her that will be the end of your happiness in the school.

This headmistress has caused the transfer of not less than eight teachers this academic year alone, all because they want her to do the right thing.
Almost all the teachers are crying within, the students are crying within, the workers are crying within.
Oh my God! is this the legacy some headmaster and headmistress seeks to achieve for their schools?

In 2013 some students walked to FM stations in Kumasi to channel their grievances yet the head has not changed from what she has been doing.
Students are not comfortable with anything in the school anymore.
Thanks to God I’m an old student so I had a feel in the school at it better and historic days.

Currently the headmistress wants to make a wacky move by transferring one of the vibrant teachers again after succeeding in offloading about eight.
Now it is the turn of the housemaster.
Please madam we need our school, if you can’t add value don’t reduce the value.
Don’t burry the glories we had previously.
Don’t starve the school in terms of development and academic successes that the school is known for.

The school has great legacies. Let me remind you that one Clement Sogbo placed first in a mathematics contest in Kumasi and proceeded to the national level and placed first in 2006 which was held in Tamale.
If you care to know, you are a failure and you are not helping the school to just reflect 2007 to 2012 batch and compare their results to your results as at now and see how drastically you have set the school back.
Oh my God I’m really sad to hear that from 2013 to date you can register about 600 students to write WASSCE and out of this students only 20 or 15 will pass.
Is it not shameful for you to keep exhibiting ungrateful to the good people and students of GREAT KASH??
Madam we thank you very much for doing your part.
If you have nothing good for us again just leave the school for us.
Enough is enough.
We cannot face this shameless ruling from you again.

The corruption at your various offices the least I talk about them the better.
But let me chip in this, I know internship students are not suppose to pay any money to any head but your assistant was taking money from students which I can attest to that fact.

The two internship students from Winneba, main campus your assistant took money from them before giving them the chance.
Also old students are made to pay money before their certificates are given to them.
Is this not shameful?
If it was to be that they were even taken the certificate for Tertiary it would have been better but this is the case that they have to go and write private exams again.
Thank God you came when I was in my final year and I pass the WASSCE without writing any external exams.

Please do your work well and leave the teachers to also work.
Know your boundaries.
You have done your part so please end it and allow someone to continue from there.
You see the students were not happy with your plan to transfer the housemaster?
Think about it.

Have a good day Madam.

By :
*(Concern Old Student)*


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