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I told them to get off the car, but they didn’t listen- trucker driver speakes

2022 has began on a sad note for the nation of Ghana no one ever imagined such a thing will happen, and we should remind ourselves that, anytime an issue occurs we should make sure to keep our distance from from the scene as anything can happen.

We were addressed with news of a mining trucker which exploded at Bogoso killing over 50 people, and left several people Injured and missing this afternoon.

Well from series of videos circulating online we could see people standing by the trucker which was on fire whiles other were taking videos of the scene till it finally exploded. New updates to the issue keeps on popping up from various angles.

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Member of Parliament for Tarkwa Nsuem Constituency where the incident happened has made a revelation on the explosion. According to him. The driver of the car after He came down from the trucker shouted at the people present at the scene taking videos to get away from the vehicle as it may explode but they didn’t listen to him.

The trucker came in contact with a Moto which triggered the whole tragedy, After it exploded killing over 50 people people a Transformer in the community also was affected by the fire which exploded the community. This has left people homeless, and dozens also injured and killed.

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