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GUPTDA pleads with government support them with logistics.

Press release

The National chairman for Ghana Unity of Professional Tailors and Dressmakers Association GUPTDA Mr. Kofi Poku has pleaded with the government and the chiefs to support the tailors association in Ghana because their work helps to reduce the unemployment in the country.

Ghana unity professional tailors and dressmakers association have celebrated their first annual general conference in Techiman Bono East region Valley View University on the theme “taking fashion design to next level to reduce unemployment”.

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He urged the government to provide them with modern machines that they use in their work; we need to also get the international standard that Ghanaian tailors can export their craft work outside the country.
The government can give them these machines in installment so that they work and pay for the Machine.

Mr. Poku said the government need to also look at those who learn tailoring and other craft work like the free education that he implement in the country because their work is even ready employ that education and they need more concentration.

Finally, he urged the various tailor’s masters to desist from deceiving customers who bring their cloths to them, he said some will say go and back in two days’ time but he or she will do nothing on the cloth and which is not the best. He also urged apprentices to be serious in learning the work to better their life because that is their school too.

National Chairman: Kofi Poku 0243960088
Secretary: Hon martin k Afful 0246695159

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