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Gov’t To Cancel Teacher-Nursing Trainees Allowance

According to the report seen, the government is now conducting discussions to revise the student loan scheme.

When completed, the evaluation, according to reports, will cover teacher and nurse trainees in all tertiary institutions, including private colleges. This will eventually phase out and be replaced with the current teacher and nursing trainee allowances.

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In 2012, the then-John Mahama government abolished the nurse and teacher trainee allowances. The decision was made, according to the government, to divert funds to the completion of numerous health and education infrastructure projects across the country.

To offset the impact of the allowance’s termination, the government decided to expand the student loan program to include trainee nurses and teachers. While this was going on, the then-opposition NPP, led by Nana Addo, vowed that if they were elected, they would restore the allowances. The elimination of the allowances was condemned by the opposition candidate’s running mate as a callous policy enacted by an inept government.

Ghanaians who have read the story have reacted strongly to the news. While many people couldn’t believe their eyes when they heard the news and sought to downplay it, others saw the development as unavoidable.

Many people believe the government utilized such policy as bait to get access to power. They feel the idea was doomed from the start, but the NPP government wanted Ghanaians to believe its lies, so it went ahead and implemented it to win political points.

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