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Godfred Yeboah Dame chides Mahama over comments on Judges

Attorney General and Minister for Justice Godfred Yeboah Dame has criticized former President Mahama for his recent attack on the judges in the country.

Mr Mahama while speaking at the 2nd Annual Lawyers Conference of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) chided the judiciary for being politically biased.

He says the image of the country’s judiciary has badly been deteriorated even to the point where citizens now no longer trust the courts with some subjecting them to public mockery and opprobrium

“The phrase go to court these days are met with derisive laughter instead of hope that one will truly get justice if he went to the court.

“If people are not poking fun about politics and inducements being used to sway the hand of justice in the lower courts then it is poking fun at and making statements about the 7-0 of the unanimous FC in verdicts which mostly involves cases of a political nature in our Supreme Court. This is an unfortunate but serious development’, he said.

Responding to this however, Mr Dame, during a recent ceremony organized by the Ghana Bar Association, said Mr Mahama’s comments were unwarranted and embarrassing.

“Mr president the Judiciary has shown consistently that it is the last line of defiance for our country and was thus with great dismay and embarrassment that I heard a person who has occupied the highest office of the state, former president John Mahama recently launched an unwarranted attack on the integrity of Ghana’s Judiciary.

“I observed that this is the latest installments of systematic attacks on our courts by the former president all of it unjustified and I compelled to comment on same in the address because they border on the security of the state and constitute a deliberate pattern of conduct aimed at undermining the independence of the Judiciary, alms of government whose autonomy is crucial to its proper functioning, he said.

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