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Gertrude Torkornoo calls for review of death penalty

Gertrude Torkornoo, the nominee for Chief Justice of Ghana, has called on Parliament to review the country’s death penalty laws.

Torkornoo, who is a Justice of the Supreme Court, said that she believes the death penalty is “too final” and that she would like Parliament to consider alternatives to capital punishment.

“As a Justice of the Supreme Court, I am mindful of the fact that when cases come to court, it’s my duty to preside over it.

But on a personal level, I do think that the death penalty is too final.

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Torkornoo’s comments come as Ghana is considering whether to abolish the death penalty.

Some people will support her call for a review of the death penalty, while others will argue that it is a necessary punishment for certain crimes

Justice Gertrude Torkornoo, if approved, will become the third female Chief Justice in the history of Ghana, after Justices Georgina Theodora Wood and Sophia Akuffo.


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