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Don’t be Committed To Church At The Expense Of Your Family- Catholic Priest

The Reverend Father Stephen Dogodzi, SVD, Parish Priest of the St. Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, Abeka, has cautioned Christians against being overly committed to church activities at the expense of their families.

“People go to church every time, hour at the expense of their families. For some people, it is as if they have taken funeral contracts. Every funeral they will go, every party, they will go. It is not every funeral or party that you have to attend.

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“You will spend hours in traffic and return from work late, and as soon as you get home, then you go to bed. What family are you creating? Make quality time with your family, spouse and children. Let them feel you at home. Share meals and converse together.”

He gave the caution while giving a homily at mass at the Church’s observation of the “Couples Day” in Abeka, on Sunday.

Fr. Dogodzi observed that many people had ‘houses’ and not ‘homes’ where family could return to seek peace, joy and calmness after a hard day’s work.

“Create a home and not a house where you will be welcomed and where there won’t be fire when you return from outside.

“Many of us are owning houses and mansions but in it, there is no peace. If you cannot eat, chat and talk together as a family, then that place is a house and not a home,” he added.

The Parish Priest implored married couples to stay united and achieve their dreams together, adding that it was by mutual obedience that their children were going to be obedient as well.

He charged them to communicate every time about everything, as that was the only way to settle their differences, adding that they had to bear in mind their children watched every action they took and listened to every word that they uttered to inform their attitudes and behaviours.

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