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devotes some time to preach against LGBTQ- Zongo Chief to Imams

The acting president of council Zongo chiefs who doubles as the Chief of Wangara in Kintampo, Nana Fanyinama the III, has advised imams in the country to, as a matter of necessity, devote their Jumah(Fridays prayer) sermons to preaching Against the activities of the LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

In an interview with the media on Thursday, March 4, 2021, Nana Fanyinama explained that the activities of LGBTQs are detrimental to our society especially the younger generation whom he believes holds the future of the country.

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He indicated he had already communicated to some imams to make the preaching Against the activities of LGBTQs at their various places of worship adding that preaching about Jesus, Mohammed and others is history and not crucial at the moment.

Nana Fanyinama also admonished parents to educate their children on the bad effects of LGBTQS in our society and serve as their watchdogs to prevent them from movements that will lead them wayward.

He also called on government to do everything possible including enacting a law that completely bans the activities of LGBTQs in the country.

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by Rexkin Ohene Boateng

Credit: Nana Yaw Aboagye (Kintampo)

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