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A/R: Kumasi Asafo Market Coffin Makers Protest Against KMA Over Eviction

Some coffin makers at Asafo-Asem in the Kumasi Metropolis on Tuesday, 7 December 2021 demonstrated against the Metropolitan Assembly over plans to evict them from their current location.

The coffin makers numbering about 1,000 are expected to vacate their current location by Saturday, 18 December 2021.

According to the aggrieved coffin makers, the KMA has allocated their current location to a private developer.

Speaking to ClassFM, the coffin makers appealed to government to find a new place for them, since they have no place to relocate to.

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“This is our shop, though we don’t have papers to show this place belongs to us, but look at the number of persons here, and you say you’re evicting us without giving us any place. So now the question is where are we going. So we’re appealing to the government and Asantehene to give us a place.

“We’re appealing to the government, that as he said 1District, 1 factory, and I think this is more than the 1District 1Factory. So he should give us a place for us to stay because this is part of 1District, 1 Factory and as you can see, the numbers have multiplied here.

We’re more than 1000 and I don’t think any factory can accommodate 1000 people so he should help us,” one of the coffin makers, Attah Jah Bless said.

Another coffin maker added that: “All that we’re asking from the government is that the government should allocate a place for us.

The place is not for us, we can’t say the place is for us but so far we’re occupying here and we’re working here, we do pay taxes to the government so if they’re saying they are moving us, where do they expect us to move to.”

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