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3000 churches to be closed-down- Registrar General warns

The Registrar General has warned she will soon strike off some 3000 churches from the Department’s registry of companies because the churches have refused to file annual returns.

Mrs. Jemima Mamaa Oware gave the warning while speaking at a Stakeholders’ Engagement by the Kingdom Equip Networks on The New Companies Act 2019.

She warns: “When we strike you off the register, it will take the discretion of the court to get you back on the register and then after 12 years, the name falls into the public domain and anybody at all can use it.”

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“You are supposed to file annual returns after 18 months of incorporation and then yearly thereafter. I have to inform you that most churches are not doing that and I have on my register over 3,000 churches that I am going to strike off the register,” she explained

She has therefore urged all churches to abide by the rules of company registration saying if the Department were to strike them off, they would have to obtain a court order before the churches could be reinstated.

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In March this year published a release, informing all “dormant” companies to “clean up”.

Mrs. Jemima said, “I’ve been calling them, but they don’t take us seriously. It is a simple thing of updating the register of current information on the company.”

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