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2020 Elections Upper East Reg: Nangodi Traditional Council Chastises Youth

Paramount Chief of Nangodi Traditional Area in the Upper East Region, Naaba Kosom Asaga Yelzoya II has admonished the public to refrain from ” It’s a do or die” statement during electoral seasons.

He said Ghana is ranked in global one of the few countries which is fast undoubtedly growing in Democracy during political elections, therefore messages and utterances must devoid of flammable that may plunge the country into chaos thereby losing its fame.

Naana Kosom Asaga Yelzoya II, Paramount Chief of Nangodi

According to the Traditional Leader, a nation cannot thrive in the midst of chaos, rancor, and violence; hence it’s very necessary the public especially the youth must ought to be circumspect and decorous during and after December elections.

Speaking at his Palace ahead of the 2020 elections, Naaba Asaga II noted that the election must be seen as a mere game of contest to gain popularity and not a do or die affairs. “In this game, only one shall definitely win and several others will lose, does that means enmity? Ghana is far bigger than any political party or any entities” he quizzed.

The Nangodi owner further noted that violence and destruction of lives and properties do not speak well of as a democratic country that has gained respect over the years.

He emphatically pointed that every one is entitled to only one vote and we must go and cast that vote which is our power and leave peacefully.

Naaba Asanga II, therefore, chastised the youth in the Region to vote wisely based on good policies that have the potentials of transforming the country.

story by Rexkin Ohene Boateng 

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