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strange as family that lives with real lion surfaced

When people hear about a family that lived with a real lion in their home for many years, they might wonder: could I sit at the table with this lion? It is also not unusual for people to feel unsafe or uncomfortable being at the table with such a predator.

This family has kindly accepted this guest in their home and in doing so have invited others to come and visit. They have created an environment where it is welcoming and safe to see this animal up close.

In 1971, the Austin family from Santa Barbara, California had a lion as their houseguest.

In most cases, the idea of living with a lion in your home would be terrifying. But this family lived with a real lion in their home as a guest and they are comfortable.

They’re now at an age where they can’t take care of the lion any longer and they need to find a new home for him. So people are asking if it is possible to have this lion as a guest in someone’s house.

The answer is that this could be done, but it would not be comfortable for the guests because the house will have to have strong air purifier and air conditioner installed due to the fact that lions need a lot of fresh air and humidity.

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