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Stop Maternal Mortality Now- Research Team Declares

A Research Team, has charged Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service (GHS) to end Maternal Mortality hikes in Ghana now.

A Research Team know as “It’s Our Lives” which is made up of some health, renown journalists, lecturers and other sector expert like; Political Analyst has pointed out the alarming situation to the general public that,most of our escalating figures on the Maternal Mortality are allegedly due to the unprofessional practice by the Health Officers. Prominent among the nuisance are their negligence and lackadaisical attitudes towards patients in the labour ward.

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In follow up, Dr. Kwaku Agyeman -Manu , Minister of Health, during the opening session of the National Health Sector Annual Summit 2022 at the Ministry of Health in Accra, says;

Eight hundred and seventy-five maternal deaths were recorded in the country last year, the Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, has disclosed.

The figure represented an increase of 12.3 per cent over the 776 recorded in 2020.

According to the above presentation of the minister, the research team says, by their own research experience in reactions, has come to realize that, some of Ghanaian nurses, doctors and among others inability to work professionally to the door step of our pregnant women when yet to deliver, allegedly according to them, the factor of Ghana’s hike maternal mortality rate.

Lamenting further over the difficulties per their thoroughly research, our most cherished pregnant women are experiencing in ghana, said the cost bearers are the poor and those in cottages etc.

The Research Group that’s entitled *It’s Our Lives* again emphasize that, Ghana Health Service (GHS), Ministry of Health and the government as a whole are urge to immediately change the name, Labour room (ward) and it’s activities performed there because, according to their knowledge of health, most European countries called theirs delivery room, “to them (It’s Our Lives)” not in comparison but in views of every activities goes on there in fact deserve applause whilst in Ghana ours is different in terms of delivery situations women experience.

Contact Political Analyst cum health expert, Rev. Dr. Nana Takyi- Asiedu

Counselor cum journalist
Atumfuomu Obinfo Dr. Mununkum-0559-286-576

Long live our women
Long live Ghana.

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