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DMB The Right Choice for 2024: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes

DMB The Right Choice for 2024: Razak Kojo Opoku Writes

We are presenting DMB as the 2024 Presidential Candidate because he has the Right Messages to move the Country forward.

He is presenting himself to propel the socio-economic advancement of the Country through:
1. Digital Economic Revolution

2. Technology-based Manufacturing Industries. That is, fine-tuning 1D1F to include the raising of Digital & Tech Entrepreneurs just like in the USA, Europe, Japan, China, UK etc.

3. Sustaining the building of the right structures, systems and architecture to support the running and the overall management of all the Sectors of the economy. That is, building proper and well integrated systems that connects all the Sectors of the economy thereby increasing revenue, achieving transparency, efficiency, effective service delivery systems and accountability at all levels of Government. An example is Bawumia’s Mobile Money Interoperability which has successfully increased Mobile Money Transactions in the Country.

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This initiative of Bawumia saved Akufo-Addo’s Government from running back to IMF for economic bailout. Revenue from E-levy wouldn’t have become possible without Bawumia’s Mobile Money Interoperability.

John Mahama sent Ghana to IMF, however, Dr. Bawumia has saved Ghana from running back to IMF. That is the major difference between Dr. Bawumia and John Mahama.

4. Sustaining and building upon all the legacy projects of Kufuor’s Government and Akufo-Addo’s Government such as NHIS, Free SHS/TVET, STEM Education, Planting for food and jobs etc.

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5. Sustaining and further enhancing the collective Unity among Ghanaians particularly Christians and Muslims.

*DMB is contesting NOT because he is bitter or angry at anyone or prove himself to anyone or to get revenge on anyone*.

DMB is contesting because he has the Right Messages for the collective advancement of the Country.

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