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A/R: The JB Factor Duly Launced, Members Urge Aspirants To Eschew Tribalistic Politics..


ISSUE NO. PS 2​​​​​​​​​5/07/2022.

It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that you have been able to honour our invitation at this shortest possible time.

To all media houses present here, we thank you for accepting our invitation. Good Morning to you all!

A worthy cause is worth pursuing to the end. We are here to launch a solid Campaign theme dubbed “The JB FACTOR”.

The JB Factor details the extraordinary experiences, skills and Capacity that Mr. John Boadu possesses more than any other aspirants vying for the General Secretary Position.

From today, you will be seeing “The JB Factor” on all social media platforms, Billboards and other places. It is all about the missing link that John Boadu is bringing to help us break the eight. Of course, he who climbs a good tree deserves a push.

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He has secured power for us, two times and it is not surprising, if he claims he has the keys to the Breaking the Eight Padlock. Why should we be ungrateful to such a person?

We are by this Press Statement declaring our unflinching support to Mr. John Boadu for the Position of General Secretary in our dear Party. We, the Association of Polling Station Executives (AOPSE) in Ashanti Region believe in the leadership of John Boadu as the only person among the rest to secure us victory in 2024.

The responsibility of Power is like holding an egg. Grasp it too tightly and it will drip through your fingers; hold it too loosely and it will drop and break. We are not giving any attention to the naysayers.

Since when did Mr. John Boadu become inaccessible? A good leader is someone whose absence is not felt because he has laid down proper measures that even if he is not there, work progresses smoothly.

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A Secretary has the mandate to superintend over all branches in Ghana and outside Ghana. Mr. John Boadu has been performing his duties as General Secretary effectively and efficiently.
Permit us to highlight few of his achievements;

1. All Constituency Secretaries are on a monthly stipend.

2. Recognize and Provide regular financial support to at least 2 recommended party elders in each constituency.

3. Each of the 275 Constituencies have been given a 4×4 Pick- up vehicles.

4. Resource Party Offices with computers and IT Infrastructure for smooth administration.

5. Monthly financial Support to Regional and Constituency Offices.

6. Assisted, in diverse ways, young entrepreneurs in the Party to grow and sustain their businesses

7. Establish the Pink Sheet Tracking system and Perfect same

8. All Constituency Communication Officers, Communicators and Serial Callers receive monthly stipends.

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To us, it was not news when on 10th June, 2022, the International Democrat Union fully endorsed Mr. John Boadu in his contest for re-election as General Secretary of the NPP.

It is very sad that now because of Politics and fanaticism, some people who should know better have lost their sense of Patriotism. Truth, honesty and objectivity have all now been thrown to the dogs and we are now chasing shadows. We are not shocked that some People out of their blind loyalty, pretending not to have seen the achievements of John Boadu. Posterity will be the ultimate judge!

We are shocked and scandalized by the dumb, lame and irrational comments coming from the quarters of the sore and bitter aspirants seeking to contest Mr. John Boadu for the Position of General Secretary.

Their constant agenda of tarnishing the reputation of the very position they are vying for and that of Mr. John Boadu have left the majority of us to wonder. Their actions are so glaring, obvious and apparent during their public interviews and campaigns.

Why will anyone call the forest that shelters him as a jungle? The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. Their agenda is to satisfy their pay master’s selfish Political ambition. We shall remain resolute and campaign against their devilish act and ensure that JB wins massively to continue his good works for the Party.

Asanteman nkosoo indeed! We are shocked by this tribalistic propaganda by some of the aspirants that seek to dismantle the common fabric that joins all of us together as Osono Family. We the People of Ashanti support Competency, Capability, Effectiveness and above all Efficiency.

We SHALL support John Boadu at any day, any time and everywhere because he has what it takes to lead us.

We cannot pretend to forget where we were in some few years ago. We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward; so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today.

Why will someone spend all his time as Communication Officer, Youth Organiser, National Organizer and General Secretary to usher a party which was in opposition to gain Power for two consecutive times. Then some people come to enjoy the sweat of his hard labour for Government appointments, and then come back to contest for his position.

A stranger dances- he does not sing.
We had wished that they would throw their weight behind John Boadu in breaking the eight rather than resigning from their various positions to contest JB. Where were they when JB was relentlessly preparing the Party from Opposition to Power? Which of these aspirants is more competent and experienced than John Boadu? What achievements have they won for themselves in their respective positions they occupied? If you could not implement innovations but even collapsed what you went to meet at your office, why should we entrust the fate of over 6million Party Faithfuls into your hands?

If we need someone who can advice the President on Party Welfare, it is certainly none of these but John Boadu. None of these aspirants can have that capability or what it takes to do so. Ever since JB assumed the realm of affairs no tension has engulfed the Party.

Why has the Opposition Party, NDC consistently maintained their General Secretary for years? It is for a reason that we must keep and maintain our Secretary who knows all the rules of engagement.

Can we change all the players in the Black stars and expect to win a tournament? You always need some experienced players in there. At this time, almost all key positions at the national level are seeming to see new faces, we think the best we can do is to Maintain John Boadu (aka adwenkese3).
We thank you all!

Samuel Sarpong

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