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Your New exam directives contradicts your Mordus Oprandi, Coalition of National Youth Organizers to General legal Council

The Coalition of National Youth Organizers have chanced upon what we call the Most ludicrous exam directives in the history of our legal education by the Ghana General Legal Council to students who are seeking admission into the Ghana school of law.

The directives by the General Legal Council (GLC), requiring examination candidates who wish to sit for the Law School Entrance Examination to sign an undertaking which takes away their right to seek redress for possible remarking, disputing of results and other challenges which may arise out of the examinations defuse the purpose of which the General legal Council was established in the first place.

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The Mission Statement of
the General Legal Council states that,
“The General legal Council exists to ensure fair and efficient operation of legal education through improved human and institutional capacity. The Council aims at securing the public interest, a legal profession with the highest standard in the practice of law in Ghana”

From the above statement, it is obvious that the General Council has lost track of its Modus Operadi.

Again how are the students who are supposed to make living from challenging the status quo, expected to be gag and still become good lawyers?

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How are students whose dialy bread is going to come from Litigation, expected to abide by a “Take it or leave it” policy and become good lawyers.

Osei Kofi Acquah, CPP National Organizer

The primary objective of the study and the practice of law, is for every person who feels “shortchanged” to have justice.

We are therefore calling on the Parliament of Ghana and the President of Ghana to call the General legal Council to revoke this unacceptable directives immediately.

Osei Kofi Acquah
National Youth Organizer CPP
General Secretary Coalition of National Youth Organizers

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