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This Month Of April Is A Redemption Month And Must Bring The Best In Us Going Forward ~ Cpp National Youth Organizer

This Year’s Month of April is very Special and a Holy month and must bring the positivity in us.

I choose to call this Year’s month of April Redemption month in the sense that, we are seeing our Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world fast and pray to Allah to be merciful and pardon all our shortcomings to redeem us.

Likewise our brothers and sisters who are Christians all over the world, are observing the sufferings, particularly the crucifixion of Jesus Christ who according to the Bible endured all those pains so that his father (God), will forgive our shortcomings and redeem us too.

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In Ghana and our traditional settings, families, cities, class mates, course mates, towns and tribes are holding Re-Unions and home coming programs to bring together people to Unite, forgive each other and to forge new alliances going forward.

Indeed this year’s April is a wonderful Month and a Remdemptious one.

This is why we as people must change our old ways which are enemical to the progress of mother Ghana.

We must rekindle our sense of patriotism, our commitment to leave this country better than we found it.

Henceforth we must avoid corruption and treat any invitation to be corrupt with disdain.

Our leaders must listen to the suffering Ghanaian Youth and indulge in broader consultation by involving identifiable Youth groups in finding solutions to the numerous problems that corrupt the Youth particularly Unemployment.

As both Christians and Muslims wait outside the gates of Heaven, let us continue to live in peace and harmony as one people with one destiny and one common interest, leaving behind a better and prosperous Ghana than we found it.

Happy Easter everyone.

Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah
National Youth Organizer CPP
General Secretary Coalition of National Youth Organizers

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