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Policy Design and Implementation needs greater Dialogue to improve development – Banda DCE.

Policy Design and Implementation needs greater Dialogue to improve development – Banda DCE.

The District Chief Executive for Banda, Hon. Emmanuel Akoneh, has said there is the need to make greater dialogues to mitigate the risks associated with Stakeholders and citizen’s behavior during implementations of programs or policies by the government.

According to him, public consultations needed as formal process through which citizens and stakeholders give their feedbacks and views on policies, plans, proposals and laws presented by the government at various stages of policy development, therefore urging the government to typically involve stakeholder’s response to something presented to the nation.

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In an interview with Appiah Kubi on Tain FM Anopa Nkommo show, the District Chief Executive added that there are range of techniques and methods to consult citizens and stakeholders, including workshops, written comments, focus groups, public meetings etc. to hear issues that matters to citizens.

“I will say that it is critical to push for and constructively use any civil society space in government processes, if not, the government’s programs and policies needed to implement will be retard and cause failure in governance”, the DCE stressed.

Hon. Akoneh expressed that, when selected key events in implementation of policies are illustrated and debated, it will avoid creation of chokepoints.

“There are arms of the government which make processes of implementing policies, the executives and the legislative (parliament), and when a bill is put before the house, there is the need of the parliamentarians to consult the populates to get their concerns, but partisan politics on the raise affect this procedures”, he cried out.

He added that, many of the populates listen to their political leaders and therefore whatever the leaders say, whether good or bad, they just follow.

Hon. Akoneh continued thtat policy dialogue provides framework for improving mutual understanding and finding common ground to resolve for change.

The DCE concluded that if the government poised to influence policy process on knowledge and innovation, political and economic context and legal framework, it will factorized the development of the country.

Source: Tain FM Appiah-Kubi.

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