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Police cautioned over oppressing Civilians

We as servants must not use power given to us to oppress civilians and chiefs DCOP Adika has warned the police.

The outgoing Akyem Oda divisional police commander in the Eastern region; DCOP Flence Adika has cautioned policemen in the country to desist from using power given to them by the state to oppress and intimidate the people and chiefs across the country but instead they should rather protect them from criminals as being their core mandate.

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Speaking at his retirement send-off ceremony held at Akyem Oda in the Birim Central Municipality, DCOP Adika explained that the police is mandated to protect the people but it is sad to witness or hear people being intimated and brutalized by policemen even when in their uniform.

He also added that although the police is mandated to fight criminals in the country but police officers must have sympathy for criminals when they are arrested because of human right and justice which must be respected per the law of the country and across the globe.

He further added that policemen are humans and will by one way or the other offend people in their course of work hence he will apologize to everyone who got offended in his duty of work.

by Kwabena Ofori Akyem Oda.

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