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Oda forestry commission cautions farmers on bush fire in this harmattan season


The Akyem Oda municipal forestry commission manager; Mr. Ernest Adofo has cautioned Ghanaians especially farmers, palm wine tappers and hunters to avoid setting up fires in the bush as we are still in the dry season where the country usually record more bush fire cases.

Speaking to Peace FM reporter Kwabena Ofori at Akyem Oda, he revealed that the causes of bush fire are mostly caused by palm wine tappers, game hunters, dry season farmers and people searching for honey in the forest who should be mindful about their activities.

He added that once the bush is dried up due to the dry season, we should be extra mindful about any activity that involves the use of fire in our farms and especially the forest which provides a lot of health benefits to the human life.

He also added by advising everyone especially farmers to seek the approval from the Ghana Fire Service anytime they want to burn their farms after clearing them in this dry season in order not to cause any disaster to their next farm neighbors.

Kwabena Ofori report for heroesghnews.

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