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‘NDC’s 24hr Economy Atonsuom’ ~ Dr. APC

Thursday 30th May 2024

In the Series ‘A’, I inquired why nobody in the NDC could explain the 24 HR economy campaign mantra to the understanding Ghanaians. I got a lot of surprises on my Facebook wall and other social media outlets.

Some of the die hard NDC members tried in many ways to explain, siting examples of other countries and so on but surprisingly, the meaning still didn’t come. Others referred me to other social media platforms indicating series of explanations offered by some of the NDC gurus.

Permit me then, to sample quite a number of them, especially from the top gurus and see if they really understand what they are talking about.

He explains 24HR economy to mean a special incentives that will be given to people who will choose to work in the night. ‘That your electricity bills will be slashed because you choose to work in the night’. He went on to mention Mechanics, and even farmers.

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At the end of the day, since everyone wants his electricity bill to be slashed, we will all opt to work in the night.

He is of the view that their target is to help traders who are not operating in the night to start doing so, especially Waakye sellers so that people can buy some even in the night.

He has forgotten that many areas across the country have Waakye sellers who sell in the night. Go to East Legon in Accra or Asafo and Stadium in Kumasi and see for yourself.

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Also believes that 24hr economy is working hard to arrest government officials who have embezzled funds during their tenure.

He again said in an interview on TV3 that, they will continue with infrastructure and that every regional capital will be having an airport. That people should form corperatives. He said, out of this Agricultural farm banks will be created.

Does this explain 24hr economy?

4. PROF. GRACE AYENSU of Essikado Ketan(NDC PC) also asserts that
anyone who does not understand 24hr economy is not knowledgeable. In fact she puts it blindly that ” the eyes cannot see what is not in the brain, so if you don’t understand 24hr economy, then your mind is not correct” That, weak minds don’t understand the concept and if one wants to understand he/she must go to abroad and see.

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Hahaha, is this the best way to explain 24hr economy?

Also states that President Mahama will provide security for anybody that will open a business at night so that you don’t have to worry yourself to provide any security of your own, for your business especially Fuel stations and pharmacies because it is the duty of the Police to do that and President Mahama will force the Police to do that.

Even so, it will not be for everyone but for only those who will apply. Therefore the 24hr economy will hinge on application.

also says that they will identify some individuals and give them money and incentives.

She said they will look at poultry etc. She even emphasized that companies will be realigned not to close at the normal 9.00am- 5.00pm but close at dawn or in the morning.

Coming from the positions of the various speakers above, which of them has been able to explain and convince the ordinary Ghanaian that they themselves understand the policy.

They are behaving like a candidate copying the work of his/her friend in an examination hall, yet do not understand what his friend has written.

Is it that, they heard from somewhere and so do not understand what it entails or they want to throw dust into our eyes of Ghanaians just to garner for votes.

Every single person from NDC has different idea about 24hr Economy. In an attempt to explain what it means after the Series ‘A’, one P. V Juantuah wrote a lengthy article trying to explain it, it was however full of jargons and full of verbosity.

In the end his understanding of 24hr economy sampled the normal micro and macro economy terminologies that we have heard over and over again.

So the question still remains, “What is 24hr Economy”?.

Coining a terminology with the hope that it will catch up with the populace will not work. The NDC should know that there is no way their plans and policies they throw out there will go unquestioned .

This type of politicking is over. Be prepared that what ever you put out there either in the form of manifesto or policy would be questioned and subjected to scrutiny.

Ghanaians are very discerning and will not allow any political party to dump anything on us in the name of ELECTIONS.

Ghanaians won’t accept any manifesto or policies that the propounders themselves don’t understand.

The NDC should come again with a coherent well- thought through explanation backed with facts and feasibility analysis else we will not take it.

In conclusion, NDC can’t throw dust into our eyes.

Nobody is saying, 24Hr economy is not a good idea but if you the propounder lacks in-depth understanding of what you are saying how do you want Ghanaians to go along with you.

We have a history where NDC promised the good people of Ghana “a one term premium with NHIS but what did we see?.

It is simple, if you don’t have it, you can’t give it. Period.

By: Dr. APC
(The voice from afar)

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