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Let Us Hasten Our “Marriage” Instead Of Make Merry This Festive Season ~ Coalition Of National Youth Organizers To Mother Parties

We the National Youth Organizers bring to the leadership of our various political parties Seasonal Greetings.

We all have witness the Try and Error Economic policies and bad governance which the NPP and the NDC have both given the people of Ghana since 1993.

Ghanaians are unhappy, tired and on the verge of branding politicians as liars and incompetent.

This we cannot allow, knowing how experience, visionary and patriotic we are.

To be able to rescue Ghanaians and re-write the narrative, we have to adhere to an advice which is as old as time “Together we stand, divided we fall”.

Let us not Forget that, once upon a time, the NDC in their hungry quest for power, had to join forces with other political parties including the National Convention Party (NCP) with senior comrade Kow Nkensen Arkaah as its leader in order to win the 1992 General elections.

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Again lets us remember that for the greater good and seeing the strength in Unity of Forces, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) until the year 2002 had *Co-National chairmen* just to make sure all the big weights are incorporated to build a stronger force.

We must remember that once a upon a time in order to forge a stronger election winning machinery the NDC had Alhaji Yusif Ali and Mr A.A. Monufie, as a *Co-National Chairmen*

Again lets us take inspiration from how 4 political parties in Nigeria namely The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) came to form the *Progressives Congress (APC)* which has won elections for two terms and is the current Governing Party.

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With zeros and ones as our gunnerd votes in a Constituencies with thousands of voters, infront of our *Individual parties* and little or sometimes no personnel, no resources and enough funds in our coffers, it is time to combine Forces.

We as Youth Organizers have come together as brothers and Comrades and have co-exist in Trust, Loyalty, Love, Unity and a purposeful Alliance for 2 years and counting without any complication, misunderstanding or whatsoever.

Our example is another case study that a *United Nkrumaist front is possible and a Must!*
We are therefore calling on our mother parties which are the *CPP, PNC, PPP, GCPP and the APC* to hasten our Alliance as Ghanaians demand.
They have indicate time without number as the only reason they will recognize us as reconned force and give us their votes.

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Let us Remember that Alone in our individual parties our dream to capture political power *May* continue to be just a dream,
Another false illusion, and a shadow in the night, but Together with combined ideas, resources, human power with one purpose, we are just a Leap away.
The NDC in Ghana did it, the APC in Nigeria did it and the Youth Organizers of your political parties have done it, so it is Possible! *So Let’s do it!*

Good Bless our home land Ghana
Good Bless our Unity.

Osei Kofi Acquah
National Youth Organizer for the CPP
General Secretary Coalition of National Youth Organizers

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