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Let Apeate Accident Advise The Way We Construct Our Roads, Coalition Of National Youth Organizers


The Coalition of National Youth Organizers, still grieve over the unfortunate incident that happened at Apeate in the Western region of Ghana.

After the whole country was thrown into a state of mourning, it looks like life is gradually returning to normalcy and the tragedy being forgotten.

Moreso is the fact that government has been beating its chest after fining Maxam Ghana, Six million dollars ($6 million) as if by doing so, those who died will resurrect, and those who suffered both physical and psychological injuries, lives will be the same.

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Indeed this has been the thinking and action of governments over the years. Once a tragedy occurs every state institution whose negligence caused that strategy all of a sudden wakes up, puts up a three day wonder show, pretending to work,and returns to sleep, when time water down the grief of Ghanaians and the affected victims.

This attitude and approach by governments over the years has only led to the recycling of the same incidents, accidents and tragedy.

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We the Coalition of National Youth organizers suggests that
henceforth, all major roads should be cited at the outskirts of the town, instead of passing it through the middle of the town.

Again all trucks such as lumber trucks, flammable trucks and trucks that weights 60 tons and are of 5 meters height should be prevented from plying on roads that are in the middle of the town.

Explosives and any other flammables should be properly checked at the ports and other entries into Ghana before they are sent to their destinations.

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Government in the future should plan facilitating transportation of such delicate and sensitive logistics such as explosives and other heavily machinery to their destination by rail and at a good fee.

The Coalition of National Youth Organizers is urging government to strongly consider our suggestions to end most of the unfortunate and preventable accidents on our roads.

Osei Kofi Acquah
General Secretary the Coalition of National Youth Organizers
National Youth Organizer for the CPP

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