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Just Inn: Sakawa Boy Arrested At Obinnim’s Church [Watch Video, Shocking Details]

News emanating from Bishop Angel Obinnim’s Church indicates that two Sakawa Boys were arrested by the Holy spirit inside the church. This happened after one of them decided to use the other for a human sacrifice which totally failed.

After the arrest by the Holy spirit, the victim confessed following his friend to a Shrine for money sacrifice. Bishop Obinnim who was in the spirit explained that its totally wrong for human beings to wickedly attempt to use their fellow human for sacrifice.

The official Facebook page of Bishop Angel Obinnim shared this news with video of the incident attached. After the display of Holy ghost power in arresting the sakawa boys, some church members expressed their surprise.

“Bishop Angel Obinnim, are you a real human being or one of the ancient Angels ,? Your power is super powerful and effective. May your Annointing keep flowing” A church member said in the video as shared below.


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