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International Youth Day: Coalition of national youth organizers disappointed in the ndc youth wing for playing politics with the future of the Ghanaian youth.

The Coalition of National Youth Organizers made up of the five National Youth Organizers from the CPP, PNC, GCPP, APC and the PPP are very disappointed in the NDC National Youth wing, for refusing to be part of the International Youth Day celebration by the National Youth Authority.

This year’s international Youth day celebration by the National Youth Authority which brought a lot of Youth groups, advocacy groups, students, religious groups and political party Youth Organizers should be lauded and the organizers led by the Chief Executive Officer Hon Pius Edinam Hadeze, his Deputies Nelson Owusu Ansah, Akosua Manu and the National and Regional Directors.

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This is the first time under the fourth Republic of Ghana that the National Youth Authority has decide to do broader consultation with various youth groups to include them in decision making, contributing ideas and championing the Youth agenda together.

Invited Youth leaders from political parties, NUGS, NCCE, the business community,the Ghana Police Service etc were all given the opportunity to talk about how the Ghanaian Youth can Help protect the Peace and Security in Ghana.

The Youth were educated about the need to restore our lost cultural values and mortality in the Today’s Youth.

There was education on how to use social media positively to improve the life of the Ghanaian Youth, Cyber Security, how to strengthen it and how to be security alert on the Cyber space, as well as the ethical behaviors that must be exhibited by those who patronize the cyber space.

Entrepreneurship was thoroughly discussed, experts and successful entrepreneurs were paneled to talk about how to start a business as a Youth, how to grow your existing business as a Youth, the Opportunities that exists for the Youth who wants to venture into Entrepreneurship and how the Youth can ready themselves and also take advantage of the Youstart Policy.

The aforementioned programs and activities are not political business as usual and we wish that the NDC Youth should have followed the example of the NDC’s member of Parliament for Korley Klottey Hon Zenator Rawlings’s example by putting Ghana and the Ghanaian Youth first by joining us to not only celebrate the Youth of Ghana but to champion their well being agenda too.

Again the NDC Youth wing should know that successive governments will inherit most of the Youth flagship programs that has been introduced by this government, and that meeting to reshape it the youth way to last and benefit generations is what is expected of Patriotic Ghanaian Youth.

All the lamentations by the NDC Youth wing in their press release are rhetorics and nothing but playing politics as usual.

Yes times are tough! Yes things are hard for the Ghanaian Youth! Yes government flagship programs have suffered setbacks!

But are these reasons why the political parties youth Organizers and their youth wings who are government in waiting and generational thinkers and future policy makers must start meeting to share ideas, compare notes, fine tune National development proposals and find solutions to the problems that confronts us as Ghanaians?

Happy International Youth Day to the Ghanaian Youth.

Let us all be reminded that building our country is a collective task and we are all involved.

Mark Ewusi Arkoh
National Youth Organizer PNC
President Coalition of National Youth Organizers

Faisal Sadat
National Youth Organizer
Vice president Coalition of National Youth Organizers

Osei Kofi Acquah
National Youth Organizer CPP
General Secretary Coalition of National Youth Organizers

King Hassan
National Youth Organizer APC
Director of Operations Coalition of National Youth Organizers

Jude Balmah
National Youth Organizer GCPP
Director of Research Coalition of National Youth Organizers

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