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Coalition of National Youth Organizers Codemns the Reckless Statement by NDC Suame Youth Organizer

We the Coalition of National Youth Organizers have chance on a voice audio purported to be the voice of the NDC constituency Youth Organizer talking about how they intend to kill people in the 2024 Elections which he believes will win the NDC power.

We are of the view that his comments are born out of ignorance and uneccessay bravado.

Such comments are not only Reckless but tracheous which portrays an intention to commit crime.

We want to take this opportunity to educate the Ghanaian Youth that Ghana is a Democracy practising country and Not Democrazy

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Democracy is where we the Politicians Understand and accept that it is the people who will decide to *engage our Service* or other wise, because power belongs to the People in Democracy.

*Demo-Crazy* is where politicians behave that they must capture power at all Cost, thus with or without the consent of the People.

This act of Demo-Crazy leads to threats, fabrication of lies, pull him / down, violence and unecessary criticism of the sitting government, all in the view of capturing power.

Currently, our current system of government seems to becoming a Demo-crazy with both the NPP and the NDC beating war drums *before, during and even sometimes after elections*

As young politicians we think this unacceptable political practice must be condemned.

We are therefore calling on the NDC, especially the National Youth wing of the NDC to come out and condemn his Youth Organizer.

Again we are calling on the Ghana Police service to immediately detain this Youth Organizer.

We are also drawing the attention of the National Peace Council and the NCCE to extend their roundtable discussions and dialogue programs to the constituencies.

We are also appealing to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the National Investigation Bureau (NIB) formally BNI to investigate the status of the Vigilante groups of the NPP and the NDC which we believe are still being maintained.

Comrade Osei Kofi Acquah
National Youth Organizer for the CPP
General Secretary Coalition of National Youth Organizers

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