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Asante Akim: Fulani herds men chopped off 15yr old

Fulani Herdsmen have beheaded a fifteen year old at Nhyiaso in the Asante Akyem North Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

According to our reports, the boy was killed after he denied the herdsmen access to a stream for their their cattles to drink.

Speaking to the Assembly Member for the area, Honourable Peter Abaji on Salt Kasiebo, he said he was called by some community members after the incident happened.

According to him the boy together with his colleagues had gone to the stream to fetch water and fish when the sad happened.

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Colleagues of the boy explained that they had just finished with their fishing and were about to leave when the fulani herdsmen showed up ordering them to leave for their cattles to drink from the stream.

Hon Abaji said when the children were about to leave the herdsmen pulled out a knife and started slashing the boy till he died. His left hand and head were cut off completely . The other two were able to escape unhurt and reported the incident to the community.

Angered by the actions of the herdsmen, members of the community arrested three herdsmen and handed them over to the police for further investigation.

Meanwhile the body of the boy has been deposited at Agogo Presbyterian Hospital.

Story by: Okomeng Twumwaa Esther | Salt 95.9 FM | Ananekrom

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